Adjust A Lift Heel Cushion

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These heel cushions are great if you have a difference in the length of your legs. They are also very useful if you have a lot of swelling around your ankle and find that a shoe can cut in. These heel cushions can raise your foot enough for the swelling to be above the sides of your shoe. They are quite firm so may not be comfortable if you have very sensitive heels.

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A cushioning lift that’s easy to adjust

Ideal if you have a leg-length discrepancy, heel spurs or want to raise your foot in a high cut shoe. This cushioning lift has three layers of 3mm neoprene rubber and is covered with soft suede. It’s easy to adjust - simply peel off one layer at a time to get the lift you need - from 9mm to 3mm. Simply place in your shoe on top of your current insole or footbed.

Why you'll love the Adjust-A-Lift Heel Cushion...

  • Helpful if you have a leg length discrepency
  • Can aid balance when walking
  • Provides three different height adjustments from 3mm to 9mm
  • Also helpful for raising the foot up in the shoe, relieving pressure around the ankle