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If your toes curl over and you find that you are walking on the tips, this can be very painful. These toe supports help to lift and straighten the toes and so relieve the pressure. The size you need is dependant on the size of your toes They are not suitable if your toes are very swollen. They can be washed by hand and left to dry naturally.

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Gently straighten curly or retracted toes

Relieve pressure and friction that causes painful corns and soreness. Gently moulded to the correct orthopaedic shape, our Toe Support eases curly or retracted toes into a normal position. Covered in super-soft chamois leather and with a net loop to hold it in place.

Why you’ll love Toe Supports...

  • A gentle way to help ease curly or retraced toes into a normal position
  • Helps ease painful corns and soreness