Putnams Bonypart Sero Pressure Cushion

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The Putnams Bonypart Sero Pressure Cushion has given our customers excellent results. Its special T shaped cut out keeps the the pressure off of the bonypart areas for example, the hip bones and the bum. The egg crate shape of the cushion helps to stimulate circulation and allows air to circulate for those sitting for long periods of time, preventing sores. Its reasonably priced compared to other pressure cushions, and we rate it very highly as a medium risk cushion

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 Made from Top Grade 50 superior foam we guarantee high performance and durability. The integral pockets allow air to circulate enabling heat to disperse, while the high profile foam helps eliminate numbness and relieves pressure points.


The Bonyparts sero Pressure Cushions are also indispensable during the natural healing process. Suitable for home, office and travelling. A choice of covers are available which are zipped, hand washable and have a carrying handle.

The Bonyparts Cut Out relieves pressure from the Ischial Tuberosities and is ideal for pudendal nerve pain (pudendal neuralgia), prostate pain, vulvodynia, anal pain and any other pain type in the sensitive region.