Otolift Sapphire - Curved Stairlift

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In our opinion The Otolift Curved Stairlift is far superior to any other models, Designed and manufactured in Holland it fits the most narrow and steepest of staircases. It takes up minimal space on an average staircase and the rail can be used as a handrail too. It is very easy to operate and travels smoothly with little noise around the corners of the curved stairs. The rail is attached to legs which are screwed directly to the steps of the stairs, so its not a huge construction job to install. Our experienced Engineers will have it installed on the day.

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The Otolift Sapphire Stairlift has been specially developed to be positioned along the steep inner curve, or spiral, of the stairway. It runs along two slim tubes. This double track system is your 100 percent guarantee of a stable and safe ride. It is very reassuring that this lift can negotiate a gradient of up to seventy degrees!

The Otolift Sapphire Stairlift is distinguished by its functional, ergonomic design. The lift has been specially designed to be mounted along the inner side of the stairway, so that on stairs with a sharp curve, the broader outer curve remains negotiable. The stairlift's slim track takes up minimal space, so that the stairs remain optimally accessible for the other stair users. In many cases, the running track can also serve as an extra handrail

  • Near silent operation
  • 294 lb weight capacity (350 lb available)
  • Designed for simple installation
  • Outdoor stairlift model available

The smooth ride quality is achieved with a unique rail and roller system, working with the battery power and rack and pinion drive systems

Technical Information

  • Lifting capacity 115 or 130 kg.
  • Speed Variable to max 0.15 m/sec with soft start and stop.
  • Motor 300 Watt.
  • Electricity 230 Volt
  • Controls On the chair in the left or right armrest. Call and send switch at top and foot of the stairs.
  • Rail Track provided with powder coating, mounted on the stair treads.
  • Safety Pressure-sensitive features under the footrest and chair, the side panels and driving mechanism.
  • Extras Key switches and various personalised adjustments. 

The Sapphire Stairlift has been specially developed for positioning along the steep inner curve of the stair. Thanks to the slim running track, which is mounted along this inner curve, the stairs remain accessible to visitors and other members of the household. The double track gives the lift 100 percent stability and the lift chair cannot topple.

Seat Covers and Colour Schemes

  • There are a number of colour and fabric cover options available Sapphire stairlift